Who should attend?

Caring Dads Facilitator training is appropriate for any professional interested in working with fathers (including biological, step, or common-law fathers) who have who have physically abused, emotionally abused or neglected their children, or exposed their children to domestic violence, or who are deemed to be at high-risk for these behaviors.

Best practice requires two Caring Dads Accredited Facilitators per group for optimal fidelity and programming quality.

Our training attendees commonly include professionals employed by a social service provider or are a registered mental health professional. Professionals not connected to a social service organization, are required to provide confirmation of their professional registration.

Types of professionals attending a Caring Dads training could include social workers, family support workers, child welfare workers, psychologists, violence prevention educators, substance abuse counselors, healthcare workers, police officers, native leaders, clergy, military personnel, batterer intervention program group leaders, counselors working within child and family mental health services, victim advocates, probation officers. It encouraged that supervisors and managers attend training as well.

Course Format

Intensive 2 Day In-Person Training

This component is delivered over 2 days and introduces participants to the principles and values that guide the Caring Dads program. We then move into interactive training on the program material. Role plays are used to demonstrate key exercises and participants have the chance to acquire and practice skills in leading group exercise.

Topics covered include, among others:

• Caring Dads program goals, principles and values
• The need for intervention with fathers
• Child-centred fathering
• Referral, intake and collaborative case management
• Mother contact
• Case reviews
• Supporting community collaboration

Clinical Consultations (this is step two of the accreditation process):

This component is delivered online via our distributed learning platform, the Pro-Portal. Each Clinical Consultation session includes a live webinar presentation, a set of self-reflection guides, a selection of best practice videos and an evaluation. This series is designed to offer clinical oversight and support to new Facilitators as they deliver their first Caring Dads groups.

Training Investment: $1,000 CAD pp

Becoming an accredited facilitator involves both tuition and licensing


Tuition fees support the 2 day in person training and includes a copy of the Caring Dads Manual. Tuition is a one-time fee.


$200 flat rate for all Caring Dads Providers *Not due until one year after completion of training.

Annual License fees support access to the Provider Portal and support from the Caring Dads team. The Provider Portal is where facilitators and trainers:

• Schedule Clinical Consultations and access the associated resources.
• Participate in our pre and post group reporting system, utilizing surveys created by program author Dr. Katreena Scott through her university research centre.
• Access a host of constantly updates resources, including handouts, slides, videos, intake forms, recruitment and promotional materials.
• Consult, connect and share experiences with other Caring Dads professionals in the forum.

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